Monday, December 20, 2010

My Dream Beach House

I absolutely love the ruggedness of the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Oregon.  There are beautiful sand dunes, wild grasses, rocky cliffs and - often - magnificent storms.  Many people think rain at the beach is a bad thing, but I think it provides the perfect opportunity to cozy up next to a big picture window overlooking the waves and get lost in a great book. 

I have collected a few dream house pictures from what would be my ideal house on the coast (if I ever win the lottery). 

On the beach I prefer a shingled facade with white trim - very New England but also very typical in Oregon.  The Barefoot Contessa, perhaps my all time favorite chef, has a house like this surrounded by hydrangeas and I love it!

A gentle walk to the beach from the back porch would be my idea of heaven...

{Kelley Motschenbacher}
 This kitchen is more casual than I would normally choose but I love the open shelving, vintage finds, etc.  Can't you just picture kids running in and out in sandy bare feet?

More open shelving but also an eat-in kitchen which I think would be a
great casual hang out.  I love the linen covered benches as seating too!

{Pottery Barn}
Wrinkly sea blue linens, all white candelight, a crisp chardonnay and
some irresistable fresh pasta.  Dinner is served!

I think this open plan layout and the beamed ceilings set the perfect tone. 
I would only add an ongoing game of Scrabble to the coffee table.
I like a range of blues and greens and a LOT of natural elements
in a sea-inspired room much like this one.

Margarita Anyone?

What's your favorite beach house design?  I'd love to hear your ideas.


Anonymous said...

That house is gorgeous! That is a dream house!

colby moore said...

Your beach house is so stunning! Beach houses need not be too extravagant to stand out. Most have simple yet unique styles that make each of them classy and sophisticated. =)

Darius Cartmell said...

The 2nd picture does look like Heaven. This dream beach house of yours looks fantastic, and I'm not surprised that you want to make it real. I mean, who wouldn't?

Abdul Jackson said...

I love the last one! I have always dreamt of having a beach house. The sound of the waves is so relaxing. Actually, I'm considering to buy one through a home loan.

Calvin Mordarski said...

We both have the same dream beach house! I love the beach and the sea breeze that blows in from out in the sea. I'd love to soak my feet in the sand and drink red wine while sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air.

William Gulliver said...

The design of this house is definitely for the beach, the paint job and vinyl create a vibrant mood to the house. That mood is very relaxing, and I love the scenery in front of the beach!


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