Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Flea Market Season!

I am so excited - the biggest flea market of the year in Munich is happening this Sunday as part of the Spring Festival. It's on the Oktoberfest grounds so that gives you an idea of the magnitude of this market...I can't wait. 

By the way, I will be at several  markets in multiple European cities over the next few months including Amsterdam, Madrid, Lucca (Italy), Copenhagen and - of course - many in Munich.  I would love to source some products for anyone who is interested. If you're looking for something special and unique for yourself or a client, please contact me! 

To get an idea of the types of products I can source, take a look at my post here and the images below.   I have many more if you're curious - this is just a taste!  My photos aren't that great and the lighting was bad, so the pics don't really do these items justice.  They are much nicer in real life!  Please use your imagination...

I bought these antique German books at a market here a few years ago.  They are not only pretty on the outside - they have beautiful marbling and illustrations inside so they would be nice displayed open also.  I bought the crystal dish at another local market (it's actually an ashtray!) a few months ago.  It's great used to hold a votive with its orange and red glow, or as a candy dish, or just displayed as part of a pretty tablescape as shown here.

I bought this gorgeous, aged picture at a market in France.  You can't really see but it has a really nice black, cream and gold patina along the edges. 
I display it along with golden-hued pine cones collected with my daughter on the grounds of where we stayed in Provence last Summer. 
The shell is from a roadside market outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

I love this Chinese rice carrying bucket, found in Munich.  
Right now I am using it to store the design magazines that I collect during our travels.
Used to store towels, it gives a bath an organic feel.
I also plan to use it on our kitchen counter - piled high with artichokes or herbs.

This was found at a flea market in Barcelona last Fall. 
I love to put a candle in this at night - the pattern
casts a beautiful glow on the walls and table.
 It is obviously new so it's kind of a funny "flea market find".  We assumed that the seller had bought up the inventory from a design store that went out of business - at least I hope so...  Regardless, they had great stuff!

Will you be hitting a flea market or two this season?


Anonymous said...

would love to come along with you to all these fabulous markets...hopefully by fall I'll be able to get over there to score some great finds...

Mona Thompson said...

I cannot think of a single thing that I would rather do. Flea Market shopping is the very best. Would love to be with you. Have a great weekend. Mona

Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

I wish you guys could join me too! Wouldn't that be fun??!!! Well, if/when either of you get over this way let me know - I have lots of leads on great markets throughout Europe. :)


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