Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kitchen Kick Starts

Our kitchen here in Munich is large and functions very well, but it's pretty devoid of color.  And, since it's a rental, I'm not going to drastically change anything.  I don't know about you, but I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen (when I'm not blogging!) cooking, cleaning up, doing crafts at the kitchen table, etc.  That means I am always looking for ways to spice it up a bit.  Hence, my post today...

Here are a few ideas that aren't expensive (for the most part) that can be added to any kitchen - rented or owned, large or small, dream kitchen or not - to give it some style! 

Adding something alive to such a utilitarian room in the house instantly wakes it up.  I love the sturdy look of a succulent in a bright pot like this one to really pop against a neutral space.

{Sur La Table}
 I thought these were really fun and different.  How cute would these be in a grouping of three, either with herbs planted in them on a windowsill, or full to the brim with blueberries on the counter?

{Vita Nostra on Etsy}

Since I love to cook, I love a great food photo.  You don't have to buy one though - head to a beautiful farmer's market, a great ethnic market or a berry farm in season, and snap away.  It will make it personal and anything bountiful will look beautiful! 

{John Robshaw}

Buying beautiful tea towels is such a small change that makes me so happy!  Hang them on your stove or somewhere else to display the beautiful designs. 
I just bought some crisp white towels with embroidered bright red tomatoes - they look so fresh!  Remember flea markets for beautiful never-used linens or fabric samples as other sources, too...

{Urban Chic on etsy}
 You can also add some color to the cook!  I'm not typically one to wear an apron, but I thought these were pretty dang cute.  They even look like they'd be flattering...

{Urban Chic on etsy}
This one looks more like an adorable sundress to me...I'm
thinking it might look pretty good on. 

Of course oils and vinegars have been done - and done again - but they still look great.  I have some oils on display now in our kitchen.  Some were gifts and some are from our travels, so they bring back great memories.  Pasta or any other nice looking non-perishable foods also look great. Another option is spices in vibrant colors and various textures - think cinnamon sticks, red pepper berries and chili peppers in three glass jars.

Nothing quite like a gorgeous espresso machine in a bright color - cobalt or orange would really make a statement AND wake you up in the morning!


Don't forget your own gorgeous cookbooks...this one is so pretty I
sometimes just put it out all on its own!

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

Make a tablescape out of your kitchen goods.  I have a few cookbooks lined up right now on my counter (the others are tucked away) like this...it inspires me to try out more of these recipes and looks good too.  Notice the container herb garden on the sill outside...they are all right there, ready to be picked, and provide a hint of green outside the window.

{West Elm}

A large bowl of seasonal fruit always looks fresh and appetizing!

1 - Robert Abbey, 2 - Horchow, 3 - Circa Lighting

Putting a lamp in a kitchen is unexpected and looks pretty great, I think.  I'm not advocating you put it next to your sink (!) but if you have a tucked away corner or an end of a long counter that is neglected, this may be the answer.  You have to pick the right lamp for your style of kitchen, but this gives you the idea.  If you're short on space, consider clamp-on task lighting - those can be great over an area where you need focused light:  perhaps where you typically lay out your cookbooks.

What is your favorite way to liven up a kitchen?


Anonymous said...

great ideas...I usually ignore the kitchen as it's the last place I want to be...but I'll use some of your ideas...especially the lamp idea to make the kitchen feel more comfy....

under spanish moss said...

Love the glass jars with coloful items inside. I have always loved a lamp in the kitchen. A colorful lamp, just what the doctor ordered!
Make today great!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Those are all great tips for brightening up the kitchen. I love the aprons and adore that great kitchen. Hmmm, you're making me look at my kitchen critically. Time for some colour I think.

quintessence said...

All wonderful suggestions, some of which I do as well (olive oils, cook books etc). Especially love the John Robshaw napkins and that charming Sur La Table bowl!!

Mona Thompson said...

Love to the liven up the kitchen with flowers and fresh potted herbs. I'm wanting to add some succulents somewhere this year, but I'm thinking they won't live in the kitchen. Probably on the patio. these were a lovely reminder.


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