Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few Beautiful Vignettes

I think all of us who read design blogs love a good vignette!  It never hurts to have more inspiration (I say :)) so today I bring you a few vignettes for some fresh ideas:


House and Home

Pinned Image
Anne Coyle Interiors

Richard Hallberg-Barbara Wiseley
Pinned Image
Marcus Design Inc.

Phoebe Howard
Pinned Image
via Decor8 Blog


crate and barrel

decorpad vignette

Pinned Image
via Houzz

Pinned Image
Country Home

Elle Decor

What makes a great vignette for you?
Minimalist or overflowing?  Symmetrical or not?  Colorful or neutral?


Luciane at said...

Goo morning, my dear friend!!!

I love vignettes and you chose some gorgeous ones here! Eye candy! :-)

I also want to thank you sooooo much for passing the award to me. What a honor, Barbara! I'm sorry I didn't come here yesterday, I wasn't feeling 100%, you know the last weeks of pregnancy gets you sometimes! :-) But I felt so happy when I read your comment. Thank you, thank you!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Luciane at

An Urban Cottage said...

I just became a follower yesterday actually after seeing some of your vignettes on Pinterest. What a great post! I love the orange vignette that get rearranged and photographed from above. It become a great abstract painting.

Check out my Great Grandpa vignette in my latest post when you get a chance.


The enchanted home said...

Love it, we can never stop being inspired and getting ideas. Such lovely examples, amazing what a little creativity and rearranging of things we already own can do! Thanks Barbara!

Thoughts on Design said...

A feast for the eyes! Richard Hallberg's work is always so spot on, isn't it? I can remember Crate and Barrel when it first opened (I know, I'm dating myslf...) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The vignette you picked says it all. They're just as fresh as ever.


Acquired Objects said...

Barbara these are such beautiful vignettes and something for everyone. That first image, I want that table/console it's stunning. I'm a minimalist in my home and neutral, in my studio it's very colorful and I have a ton of things on every surface. I think I'm less in our home because I work around so much stuff and color.

Anonymous said...

yes, I too love when the photographer captures a small part of the decorating...vignettes are fun to design and beautiful to look at...
gorgeous images..

Haus and Home said...

I love all different types of vignettes and I use them as showcases for my little treasures I find. I just love looking at them all and getting good ideas!

Polish_gal said...


I want to have everything accesiories :)

Victoria said...

Stunning vignettes, Barbara, especially the first one. In a past life, I created vignettes for a variety of shops. Now I love doing it in my own home and for friends. I find it an interesting challenge to use what someone has -- no money spent -- to create a lovely "story."
Thanks again for another inspirational post.

The Buzz Blog said...

Don't think I could have my pups be still enough to add to any vignettes... I'm all about styling a room and using things for high and low impact is important. Makes me think I need to do a little styling myself!


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