Sunday, December 19, 2010


As we have traveled through Europe over the last few years I have been drawn more and more often to the architecture of each place.  I started taking pictures of doors in particular and have accumulated quite a collection!  I love the mystery of what might lie behind a door - especially those that are as old as these are!  Who has gathered there? What are their stories?  What brought them joy and sorrow?  What were their dreams?   Perhaps these will provide some exterior inspiration for some of you...

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Arles, France last June and had fresh croissants for breakfast in their sublime courtyard.  I saw this door with hydrangeas blooming next to it and snapped a picture to remember the experience.  My husband and I still reminisce about that breakfast!

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

Barcelona, Spain September 2009.  Notice that there is a smaller door opening for people and a larger one - big enough for carriages.  The doors lead to an inner courtyard for green space.  This is a common design in Spain and a great one for city living.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
I love this picture from Berlin (2009) because I feel like it
sums up the city well with all of its edginess and energy. 

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Eze, France June 2010...a small hill town overlooking the coast of southern France.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Corfu, Greece from Summer 2010.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Hall, Austria 2008 - a small town outside of Innsbruck. 
I think this is where the door infatuation began...

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
London, England April 2010.  This is pretty much London in a nutshell, right?

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Mallorca, Spain March 2008.  These doors inspired my Dream House front door!

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Lisbon, Portugal June 2009.  I could go on and on about Lisbon.  More posts on that soon!

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Venice, Italy July 2010.  Notice the steps leading right into the water...

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
 Revaz, Switzerland June 2010 - a picturesque wine growing town
on the edge of Lake Geneva.

Photography by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Kotor, Montenegro August 2010.  This town, and the 
stunning fjord surrounding it, really surprised us with its beauty and charm!

Does anyone else out there share my love of doors?  My husband thinks I'm crazy, but he stops every time we pass a door when traveling and asks if I want to take a picture. :)  Does anyone out there have any great ideas for how to showcase these great shots and the memories that go along with them?


Jennifer said...

These are amazing! I'm so happy to see that there is another door lover out there! I especially love the one from Switzerland - so elegant!

................. said...

How funny...I always take pictures of doors too when I travel. What great pictures. I'd frame them all with same frame and matting and arrange in a prefect grid (or not so perfect). I am doing this to all of the pictures of doors I took when I went to Cartagena last year.
I was told that the smaller doors are are informal guests, such as mail carriers, maids, house keepers and the large doors are used when important guest visit :-) Quite interesting.

Marilyn said...


Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

So I'm not the only one with a door obsession then! I adore the door in Austria! Fabulous post Barbara!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I love all the pictures, thanks so much for leaving me the link!

Anonymous said...

You are speaking my language! I love unique doors and have a custom framed collection of 15 beautiful doorways I photographed while traveling in England. They hang in my home office and I never tire of them. Thank you for sharing yours.

Window & Door Replacement said...

Absolutely stunning! Love it, love your blog and your beautiful photography!
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