Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Neutral, Timeless Design

To me, all of these spaces look like they will hold the test of time....with lots of style, but using only neutrals and tons of texture.  See what you think:

Hallberg and Wisely

island countertops

RH 4

Murphy Mears Architects

Stone and wood beauty

Beth Webb Interiors

I could spend all day in this bathroom.

Another petrified wood stool - it looks just as good in a bathroom as it does in a living room!  
(Normally I love the versatility of being able to use pieces in other rooms in the house.  Although mine - weighing in at 450 pounds - isn't going anywhere else but the living room in my house!)

Simplicity | Briggs Edward Solomon Design



Robyn said...

Those are beautiful, Barbara! The neutrals are so soothing. I love the height of the coffee table in that last picture. So much more functional. Thanks for another great start to the day.

Splendid Sass said...

I think every room is gorgeous, Barbara, and yes I think they will definitely hold the test of time! Pinning these.
Happy Wednesday.

Carla Aston said...

Timeless indeed. Love that walnut island with the marble and wood top. All just gorgeous, Barbara!

Acquired Objects said...

Love all the rooms and kitchens but I really love that first living room. I agree with you, you can go neutral but don't have to be boring.


Luciane at said...

Hello, my dear Barbara!

How are you doing? Are you having a fun summer? It's being great around here.

I always, always love your posts. I think we have very similar taste and that's why I enjoy your posts so much.

Just wanted to send you a big hug, my friend.


Luciane at

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So many wonderful pictures. Love the kitchen with the marble and wood island. Hope your enjoying your summer.

michele said...

please come decorate my house like these, barbara. seriously. i don't pin. i don't save many images to my computer. but 3 of these!

i love neutrals in my home. i think a lot of highly creative people do because home is where we rest and retreat. i wanna wind down at home not get revved up and be jumping out of my skin. i use color that pleases me in art i create, but i am even using neutrals more often in my art now so that i can live with it and not be jarred every time i pass it.

love to you and the next time you are near chicago, a consultation, yes?



I Dream Of said...

Neutrals + texture + a small pop of color here and there = home happiness for me! Agree that these spaces will stand the test of time... I especially love the last one. We are working on our great room space right now and trying for the perfect balance between linen-y beige and white. Hope we get the mix right!
Happy Wednesday, Barbara. XO

The Buzz Blog said...

I agree with Jeanne - something so calm and soothing about these interiors with their natural textures and neutral color schemes. With all the petrified wood stools we're seeing, I might just have to add one to my new living room!

Leslie said...

Neutrals are timeless. I love the petrified wood pieces! Always fun to add a splash of color or different textures to a neutral space .

Very pretty Barbara. Hope your week is going well!


The Vintique Object said...

I've been thinking a lot lately about timeless design, so this is so apropos. I agree that neutrals and texture are the way to go. I really wish I could find a treasure trove of old decorating magazines from each decade so I could pick through them to analyze the classic elements. How fun would that be?

Unknown said...

I love these spaces. They beckon you to come and sit a while. So relaxing. And, I so love relaxing!

And, love seeing that petrified wood stool. I can't see one now without thinking of you! :)
xoxo Elizabeth

Stacy CUrran said...

If ever there was a post that screamed "Barbara!" this it it!! Love everything!

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

Those are so pretty Barbara! Can you ever really go wrong with neutrals and texture? So many beautiful details in these images. I love the floor in that one of the bank of windows with the 2 slipped chairs and the orange glass sculpture...


Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Aaaah! This is just the kind of soothing eye candy I needed to start my weekend! Thanks for the inspiration Barbara!


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