Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I had a lovely one, with some friends who were visiting from out town - it was great to catch up and have some much needed girl time!  

I know there is a growing trend here with my posts lately:  it's called ALL.OVER.THE.MAP.  I'm not sure what that says about my state of mind, but it is what it is and I follow my heart on this blog, so there you go!  Here are a few miscellaneous images that I think are fun, insightful and worthwhile:

Strawberry Tiramisu
Strawberry Tiramisu?  Yes, please.

Cote Sud




Igloo rentals in Finland under the Northern Lights (!!!!!!)
Igloo Rentals under the northern lights in Finland...what an experience!

nice design


Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

All I can think about now is that delicious tiramisu! Have a lovely Monday Barbara!

Splendid Sass said...

Can you imagine spending the night in an igloo? Wonderful it would be.
I love your choice of images here, and why not choose your favorites. So beautiful. The bedroom makes me rethink things.
Happy Monday.

The enchanted home said...

My thoughts in a nutshell-
Strawbeerry tiramisu- heck yea!
Igloo rentals- serious claustrophobia!
Last house- what a charmer!

Have a great day Barbara!

I Dream Of said...

I'm stuck at the strawberry tiramisu. Yes, please! Glad you had a fun weekend with friends. I'm looking forward to a sunny week. Happy Monday! XO

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Now I am craving something sweet...That tiramisu looks so good.

Acquired Objects said...

Iglooo drifting, it actually sounds like fun! Do what you want and post whatever makes you happy it's your blog and that's what they are here for...and sharing! I rather like you being all over the place.


Stacy CUrran said...

I LOVE all over the map - it works for you ;)

Unknown said...

It's fun to have a visual "train of thought"!! Gorgeous photos which inspire so many ideas. And, that strawberry still my heart.

Hope your week is off to a beautiful start!
xoxo Elizabeth

cindy said...

Crazy about that bedroom and that last house image. Not so sure about the igloo thing....beautiful view...only pitfall..freezing weather!

michele said...

i like you all over the map, well-traveled mama! because it all adds up to D-E-L-I-C-I-O-S-O (we are feeling italian on the planet today).

strawberry tiramisu and i have never met so there must be a rendezvous soooooooon!



Haus and Home said...

Seeing the northern lights are on my bucket list, I need to add the igloos to that too :)

Test said...

Great images! Have a nice one!


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