Sunday, July 29, 2012


All of these spaces - indoors and out - have a touch of green for fresh energy.  Take a look!

{ green green green }

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Green, green, green
Decor by Mother Nature (almost).


sophisticated beach house guest bedroom | via House Beautiful.

green green green


living room

A vibrant green desk adds a pop of color to this office. Tour the rest of this home:

living room

living room
An interesting room, no?

Coastal Living

via Gallery No. 8

Have I ever shown you guys my antique French fermenting bottle?  I found it at my favorite antiques market in Munich one morning and I LOVE it.  It's sitting in my kitchen window now next to all of my herbs.

Teatro Verdi

via Little Things Blog

via Enchanted Home Blog

via M&H Home
Caldwell Flake

very! Lovely

If you'd like to see more rooms with a touch of green, you can view my "Green Energy" post here.
What do you think of green accents -- or more -- in a room?

Sources, unless otherwise noted, can be found here.


Acquired Objects said...

I love the intaglios matted on green in the second image, it looks so fresh and clean and really makes the intaglios pop! The Japanese forest grass in the next image looks so elegant I really need to put some in our property. I’ve always loved green and you’re right it always looks so alive. Beautiful post Barbara!


michele said...

i love them! so fresh and inviting and natural.

that caldwell flake room with just a touch of the color...i die.



Unknown said...

I love a touch of green, especially oversized leaves in big vases, to give a little life to a room!!!

I'm also enamored with that outdoor space you showed with the vertical garden!!

Happy Sunday!
xoxo Elizabeth

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Gorgeous images, especially the exterior tile wall! Maybe green is the new orange?

mary said...

You are inspiring me to try green the next time I lacquer a pair of chests. Thanks. Mary


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