Friday, July 13, 2012

The Master's Chair

It's Friday the 13th and I'm ignoring the bad luck today.   How about you?  :)

Anyway, I am still processing what to do about our dining room situation...  Our table was broken during the  move, but all of our chairs are intact.  As any design enthusiast knows, this presents an opportunity to go in a new direction!  However, since we have all of the chairs, that also means I have constraints.  Sigh....reality.  :)   

The good news is that the chairs are Danish, so they have very clean lines which lends them to pairing well with many different styles.  That has gotten me thinking about utilizing the existing chairs but perhaps adding two master's chairs.  Here are a few examples where I think this is done beautifully!

via Verdigris Vie

McAlpine Booth & Ferrier

via Decorpad

Milk and Honey

Phoebe Howard
dining space by mcalpine booth & ferrier
McAlpine Tankersley
This particular dining set up has prompted all sorts of design ideas...maybe our next table should be stone instead of wood??? 

via Providence Ltd.

Janette Mallory
Thoughts on this design dilemma?
BTW thanks to all of you for weighing in on all of these decisions around our home via my posts.  I love hearing from you!  :)


The enchanted home said...

Love all these examples and have always been fond of the two head chairs being bigger and more substantial, it really anchors the dining room in a wonderful way. I am also considering doing the same thing....look forward to hearing what you decide Barbara!

Acquired Objects said...

What a beautiful post Barbara and I definitely think you should mix it up. I love the idea of a stone and iron table. As for Friday the 13th it's always been lucky for me so I usually look forward to it.


I Dream Of said...

I like the idea of shaking things up a bit with two eye catching master chairs - we have two Louis chairs that we use at the head and foot of our dining room table (the rest are simple slip covered chairs) and I like the look.
Happy Friday, Barbara - hope it's lucky, Friday the 13th or no! XO

jsides said...

I like the 1st 2 tables. The marble table top is beautiful, to me it is to cold, good for making pastry though :)


Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I love little disasters that are cause for shopping and because of costs, dining tables aren't something you go out an replace very often. What a great opportunity! These are all stunning options! Maybe if the chandelier somehow dropped on my formal dining room table...hmmm!

Leslie said...

Stir the pot Barbara :) and you have a great attitude. I am sorry to hear about your table! Wonderful post and looks like you have found the perfect inspiration to move forward.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thoughts on Design said...

Opportunity knocks for sure!!! Love the idea of Masters Chairs at the ends of the table! A couple quick comments and observations. Scale the chairs to the room. Look carefully at the pictures you posted. Some are more successful that others. Same with style difference. One or two don't work as well as the rest. Figure out the overall gestalt - the rest is easy...


michele said...

i sort of wish my dining furniture would break (except my prayer chairs). i guess there is always craigslist.

the stone table is super interesting, isn't it?

smiles and happy weekend to you.


Urban Orchard Interiors said...

I love the idea of a metal or natural stone (or concrete?) table with wooden side chairs and large upholstered linen end chairs. I'm a sucker for mixing textures like that. I know whatever you do will be beautiful though. Great inspiration images--again!


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I love the idea of different chairs at the ends of the table. It just makes the set up that much more interesting. I love the idea of a stone table too, but worry that it would feel a bit cold. Good luck with your decision. x Sharon

Marianne said...

I love having different head chairs vs. side chairs. Always good to mix things up!

Stacy CUrran said...

I love the idea of head chair. I can't do it because my table is round, but I would in a heartbeat if I could! Can't wait to see what you do!


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