Monday, July 30, 2012

Luxury In The Bath...

Here are a few bathrooms that I think are just lovely!  Enjoy!

Beautifully separated bath
I love the idea of a separated (ahem) toilet, but this one strikes the perfect balance in my book, letting in light and adding style.  
Don't miss that great (Hungarian?) sign above it, too.  I wonder if it's the real thing from their famous bath houses...  I didn't do that when we were in Hungary but I'm so glad I did in Munich and Istanbul!  Don't miss it if you get the chance.

Onyx slab as art. Denver bath by Robyn Scott and 186 Lighting Design Group.
Bringing onyx to the bath as a form of art - wow!

powder room by mcalpine booth & ferrier
Modern lines, with great zen like detail in that lacquered table and the built in faucets.
I'm really digging those lights too.

What a luxury to have enough privacy so that you can have a big window overlooking green space like that!
And do I spy, with my little eye, a petrified stool?????  Is everyone copying me??  :)

Unique, eh?

modern bathroom by Witt Construction
What a cool surprise for your guests to have this as the pedestal for that amazing sink!

white * Bath bath
Loving the clean, fresh feeling in this bath!

Bath - Bath, Somerset
Let's not forget the original luxurious bath - in Bath, England - we have the Romans to thank for that "design".  It's a fantastic destination even without the actual bath!


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I love the 2 bathrooms all in white. So fresh and pretty. And that powder room with the gorgeous basin is just perfect. Have a great week x Sharon

michele said...

oh wow the onyx just blew me away!

my bath looks like the most boring vanilla space in the world now!

smiles, and happy monday.


The enchanted home said...

All beautiful, I am always drawn to light/white baths, love that clean spa like feeling but definitely appreciate some of the more colorful ones here too!

Stacy CUrran said...

Oh I can't tell you how much I want a petrified wood stool! That bath is my favorite :)

carolyn bradford said...

I loved every single bathroom for different reasons of course! They were all beautiful! I immediately fell in love with the first one! Love the light, airy feel! And I love the sign as well!

Leslie said...

So pretty Barbara. I like the two white bathrooms.. the baskets are a pretty addition. The last photo is wonderful - wow!talk about LUX!


Urban Orchard Interiors said...

I adore that contemporary bathroom with the wood pedestal! Gorgeous.

Haus and Home said...

The onyx design is insane! I have not seen that before, but I love it!


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