Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best Flea Market in Europe

We had unexpectedly nice weather this weekend so I decided to hit our local flea market.  I have seen a lot of flea markets during our travels, including five days just shopping the Paris flea markets. After shopping at all of those, I feel confident saying that this gem of a market has them all beat. The vendors are friendly, the prices are reasonable and the variety is amazing.

I am guessing that you know by now where I will be the first Sunday of every month until we move at the end of the year! If you're interested in any products like these, please contact me at

Beautiful french linens...I have one of these with red striping and I love it!

I really wanted to take this mirror home, but the style wasn't really right for me.

African Masks.  The real deal. Need I say more?

Beautiful tribal jewelry and textiles.

A great source for bronze sculptures - these add so much dimension to a room.

Do you recognize this guy?  Made in 1937.

A very cool chair to add interest to a landing or a neglected corner.
(without that scary pillow)

These are old sections of fencing, set on a metal base.  I bought one from this vendor last year and plan to use it as a fireplace screen in our future home.  My husband thought I was a bit crazy getting so giddy about a piece of rusty fencing but the design is beautiful.

Ultra-beautiful doors:  for inside or out.

Yep, Wedgewood.  And a beautiful Art Nouveau box.  So pretty!

These guys sell amazing architectural salvage pieces and are oh so charming. 
How I wish I had a place for one of these columns!

One of these elegant and interesting letter openers would look great on a cool desk.
I am kicking myself now for not buying the dog one
for my parents - they are gaga over their Black Lab!

Amazing African textiles. A favorite of mine because of my love of
African Design, which I wrote about here.

Gorgeous Biedermeier furniture is easy to find and in irresistable condition! 
This beautiful 1910 trophy from Germany would make a great vase.
It would also look beautiful on a mantle or bookshelf all on its own!

A nice accent piece for a french-inspired room.

This vendor has amazing (new) scarves and jewelry from Africa.
Some jewelry from here is on my birthday wish list!

I'm not sure what one would do with this - maybe in a masculine office? I like that idea, and it's certainly not something you'd find outside of Europe so it would be unique.

These glasses were great quality and would make such a nice bar set!

A great DIY project: I would recover this in a really unusual fabric to use as an accent chair, or recover a pair as end chairs for a dining room. Very nice lines on this piece!

Vintage Murano Glass. I went back to buy this and it was gone. :( 

Wonderful, beautiful books abound. This title translates to: "The History of Costumes" and has fantastic drawings inside. What a unique gift for a girl, or as a coffee table book.

A set of great doors - maybe painted glossy black and with glass inserted.
These would make an amazing statement!

This stall had all kinds of interesting stuff, but my favorites were the hand-hammered bowls in the back right. Great for living room decor, or on a nightstand. I considered buying one for myself to hold my "daily" jewelry (watch, wedding rings, etc.).

I hope you enjoyed the tour! As I said above, I would love the opportunity to source some products from this great market. If you're interested please contact me at


Anonymous said...

What a fun time you must have had browsing through all of those amazing pieces! I love the old wood doors.

Have a great week!

................. said...

Oh My! What gorgeous finds!! That mirror is stunning. And the fence? Yup I would have gotten all giddy and would have gotten that exact response from the significant other ;-) And those columns are also just gorgeous..ok I can go on and on. Will have to visit Munich for sure some day soon.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Marilyn said...

I want some of that fencing too, but for garden art! What a fun market.

Marivic said...

I just found your blog and I totally LOVE this post. Sorry I just landed here, so I can't figure out where you are--Munich? I LOVE the mirror! Do you know how much something like that costs? I'm way over the other side of the globe so I don't know how that would get to me! :)

Anonymous said...

so many beautiful the kuba cloth and some of the ethnic jewelry...all the decorative items are simply divine..

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