Friday, February 25, 2011

A Study in Contrasts...

I've always liked aspects of (almost) every type of design, but lately I have been consistently drawn to a very tailored look, primarily made up blacks, whites, shades of neutrals and a LOT of textures and metals.  I am really loving the juxtaposition of shiny chrome with soft fabrics, metallic wallpaper paired with rough woods, leather against textured pillows, grasscloth and driftwood, etc.  Maybe the fact that it mixes a lot of styles makes it so appealing to me.  Ah,'s eclectic, fresh, unique...that's it!

I am not sure if all of these rooms are liveable as they are, but they all have something intriguing that we could carry over.  Is my design style changing?  I don't know yet...but I love these rooms!

Crezana Design
{Thom Filicia via Sketch 42 Blog}


{Griege Blog}

{Griege Blog}

Thomas O'Brien

What do you think of all of these contrasting elements?

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The enchanted home said...

I love the idea of keeping a room on the neutral side but using textures and shadings of the same color to give the room interest and the "layered" effect that is also so sought after. I think some of the most interesting rooms can be achieved with this method, and its a popular trend right now When we were in the Maison and Objet show in Paris a month ago...we saw that a lot and it was quite beautiful. Thankss for stopping by my blog..have a wonderful weekend!


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