Friday, February 11, 2011

Modern Rustic Barn

Is there such a thing as a modern and rustic barn done well?  Usually I lean much more toward urban styles or at a minimum classic styles so this is a departure for me, but this barn really impressed me!  Full House blog posted it today and I thought it was worth passing along. 

It is stunning and has some amazing modern touches intermixed with gorgeous architectural details.  Take a look:

Those chairs are killer and really make the room.

I could live withouth the rockers but I really like the serene simplicty
of the throw at the end of the bed.

Beautiful architecture and the bench is amazing! 
That could fit in so many spaces...I'd like to have one too!

Like I said, gorgeous architecture.

So what do you think?  Could you live here?


andrew josheph said...

Modern Rustic Barn is a mixture of very clean lines and soft furniture. I really like how well it works together.This beautiful and elegant guest house echoes the main elements of the main house.

Aussie Barn

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