Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thai Treasures: The Prasart Museum

One of my favorite memories of our honeymoon in Thailand several years ago was a visit to a lesser known museum on the outskirts of Bangkok, the Prasart Museum.  My in-laws, who lived in Thailand in the 60's and have been back many times, suggested we visit. What a treasure!  It is a massive collection of Thai art in various forms, run by a private collector, Mr. Prasart.  We had the opportunity to meet him and he told us about his passion for preserving Thai culture.  He lives in a small, simple one room house on the grounds.  He explained that he has no family, so this is his gift to Thailand.  What a generous man.

Just walking the grounds, not to mention viewing the collection, was an experience.  I combined some of our own pictures with others I found on the web to give you an overview of the museum and environs.  There are some beautiful designs here that may inspire some new ideas.  Enjoy the trip!


{corbis images}


They also put an emphasis on preserving the art of specific Thai handwork and sell the products on site.  We bought a vase similar to those below.  The picture doesn't show it well, but they have exquisite detailing.

{freedom from lostness blog}

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