Saturday, February 12, 2011

Italian Inspirations...

We just booked a beautiful place in Tuscany for June.  I am very excited!  (Did I even need to say that??!!)  Anyway, because Italy is on my mind, I thought it might be fun to post some Italian interiors.  I know some people can't get enough of Italian/Tuscan interiors, but I'm not always a big fan.  However, I thought these were refreshing and worth looking at.  All of these are from a great Italian design magazine called At CASA.  Take a peek!

I like the mix of rustic and modern. 

Yep, I could definitely drink some wine for a whole afternoon here.

I love the library feel of this room, and the beamed ceilings are great. 

Typical Tuscan kitchen, I know...but I love the open shelving!

Another garden that I could waste a day hanging out in. 
And that's saying something because I don't sit still very easily.

 I could happily do dishes in that sink.

Love the urn of course.  I have a weakness for urns - as I posted about here.


LOVE the plating behind the bed. 
With luck I will find something like that  at the Lucca antiques market on our way home.
Fingers crossed!!

Sleeker and more modern but I still like it.

A fun mix of things.

Very nice.

I'd love to see this house on the inside with those amazing windows!

While there I'm going to hit some markets and do some sightseeing
(which of course will include soaking up the architecture), so
keep an eye out for some photos after the trip.

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