Sunday, February 20, 2011

Majorca Musings

These gorgeous photos are from a house on Majorca off the coast of Spain.  Because I enjoy design so much, it is often hard for me to find a rental that really makes me content while on vacation.  But this one...well, see what you think, but I love it!

Love the oversized artwork, beamed ceilings and the dark wood
all set against the white walls!

The vibrancy of this room is so energizing! 
And, that chinese chair works great in this Spanish setting.

What a soothing, beautiful outdoor space. 
I could enjoy some time out here with a good book and some Rioja! 
Very unusual wooden chairs too.

Wait - isn't that the same chair that I saw at the flea market a few weeks ago??

Love the pool, especially under a hot Spanish sun! 

Beautiful, simple, unassuming exterior.

All photos are via the beautiful Design Elements blog.

Could you spend a great long vacation here?


Heather @ Satisfying Spaces said...

That is a gorgeous home in a gorgeous setting. I can imagine swimming in the pool and enjoying the stunning view. Thanks for sharing!

No Coast Design said...

This house makes me want to go on an extended vacation! I love the collection of pieces and the red accents. Fantastic space!


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