Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Build Your Own Bed

I stumbled upon a great idea recently on the West Elm site - Build A Perfect Bed.  You can pick out the headboard, base and finishes, etc. individually. This is perfect for someone like me who rarely likes a product exactly as its presented!  Of course through custom pieces we can do this, but West Elm has brought it to market at a much friendlier price point. 

The online tool was really easy to use and you can go back and forth to try out different combinations easily.  I love how you can see it put together before you commit!  Here is a screen shot to show you how it works - three easy steps.  Check it out on their site here.

I know this isn't daring, but I like a pretty basic bed.  That enables me to change out the colors and feel of a room on a regular basis....from romantic in winter to fresh in spring, ethnic, and so on...  I also like a fairly masculine looking frame to offset any feminine touches I might add in the room through prints and accessories.  I came up with a few combinations that I really like:

This look could go modern, traditional or Asian...

This basketweave would be great in a more casual house,
a holiday home or even a teen's room.

I think I want this one!  Nailheads have been on my mind lately,
and you can never go wrong with linen!

I think this would be a really great look for a (sophisticated) bachelor pad.

What do you think?  Would something like this work well for you or your clients?  And am I the last one to know about this great option??!!

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Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Thanks for posting this. I went and checked it out as I'm looking for a simple bed frame to go with a headboard we already have. Boy was it reasonably priced.


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