Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Absolutely Orange!

Like everyone else in the design blogging world right now, I have been pouring over Rue Magazine's latest edition.  This picture in particular got my attention and got me thinking about how much I love orange in so many settings...I can't get enough of it.

{Rue Magazine}
I love how the unexpected orange chairs play off of all the
natural elements in this bright, airy kitchen.

Turquoise and Orange always look so fresh.  
What a pretty combo for a casual table in Spring. 

{Kate Spade}
 Love, love, love this artwork set against the dark dining room furniture! 
Notice the sketches to the side too - they harmonize really well.

Very cool use for chevron.  I don't know if I would want to commit to that since I like to change out dishes and linens, but I think it looks great. 

Here it looks so crisp against all of that black and white. 
It feels very elite to me (in a good way), without trying too hard, but could be
reproduced rather inexpensively...

This pillow reminds me of a beautiful couture dress. 
I don't know if it looks as good in person, but I still have my eye on it!


Vintage Botanicals look more modern in orange, at least to me... 

Such a nice place to have a glass of iced tea!

The exotic feel of this immediately makes me think of Bali and putting together a room with a bit of a tropical feel:  dark substantial wood furniture, crisp white linens, a couple of carved wooden sculptures and (definitely!) a ceiling fan.

{Pottery Barn}
 I love this combo of oranges, natural woods and the lanterns. 
It has a hint of Belgian design, doesn't it?  Maybe that's why I like it so much!

I love this look too!  Rustic yet elegant. 
All of the citrus mixed in gives it a fresh, warm, natural look. 
I think I might try something like this for my Thanksgiving table this year...

Look how cute this is combined with linen - for an adult birthday perhaps?

{Martha Stewart}
And finally, just some beautiful flowers. 
These grow pretty much everywhere in San Francisco, so
they always remind me of my time living there.


The enchanted home said...

Really pretty post, though I have never used orange in my own home, think its so pretty and warm really adds a lot of life and personality to any room. Well done!
I am newer to blogging, started a blog about the building of our dream home and my passion for decor and design. Would love you to stop by...

Thanks and have a lovely day, glad I found you!

Maria said...

die Küche (Foto 1) ist einfach toll! liebe Grüße


Stacy CUrran said...

Ooooh, I love the orange from the PB catalog. I don't remember seeing those! Image overload I guess! These are beautiful


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