Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beauty Of Bottles

Photography and Styling by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler Haus Design
As I peruse my favorite blogs, read design magazines and simply go about my daily life, whatever I have found at the markets for Linen Haus the past weekend is often top of mind.  Since I have been finding a lot of beautiful vintage bottles recently, I naturally noticed how often bottles are used in gorgeous rooms.  Let's take a look at a few examples together:

Phoebe Howard
They are ideal for filling that awkward space above an armoire...
and in this case add a bit of color.

Chris Barrett
These bottles give off such a great "old pharmacy" look.

LINDENWOOD CIRCLE eclectic living room
Allison Jaffe Interior Design
The ideal advertisement for how to use vintage Linen Haus products in a modern day interior - an old olive oil bottle and dough bowl.  I think this looks absolutely beautiful!

The archaeological feel of these bottles make such an elegant collection on this mantel.

Jimmy Stanton
One large bottle stands on its own in this curiosities-filled landing area.

Lisa Sherry
This entry, featured in the latest issues of Lonny Magazine, makes a stunning statement with the oversized bottle as the centerpiece.

Ekster Antiques
There are so many elements to admire in this French space!  The glass bottle gives it some shine and adds one more texture to the vignette.  Beautiful!

Lisa Luby
They blend beautifully with other glassware, beach inspired items and sentimental objects.

Pearhouse Designs via Cote de Texas Blog
This display cabinet is the perfect spot for a grouping of vintage seltzer bottles.

Napa Style
What a welcoming way to light up your front steps at your next dinner party.  :)

Jimmy Stanton
This bottle is a beautiful addition.  It works surprisingly well in an Asian-inspired vignette.

Cheryl Womack and Alison Womack Jowers
 A collection in a complimentary color makes an artful display.

Design Galleria
 If you can spare the space, they look beautiful here too...although not sure I'd put stools  next to them where they could accidentally get kicked over!

Jimmy Stanton
 They work equally well in an English manor type setting.

Jimmy Stanton
More apothecary type bottles.  I like this look for a bohemian, eccentric type of space.

Gianetti Home
Such a fun color!

Steven Gambrel
If the shapes are interesting, they look great simply sitting empty on an island like this one.

Chris Barrett
They are also beautiful used as vases.

The use of beakers combined with the bottles is clever, and adding the greenery is simple and beautiful.

Do you like to use bottles in decor?  If so, how do you use them?


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Lovely ideas! I love bottles grouped and left empty, although the large ones look lovely just on their own. I'm intrigued by the Napa Style pic - I suppose they cut the bottoms off the bottles! Have a great week. x Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
probably because of you I've noticed these gorgeous vintage bottle used as accent pieces in decor more often...
and It's a look I love..what a fabulous item to collect and it add a luminescent quality to any decor..
love the look..

Luciane at said...

Hello my sweet Barbara.

Did you have a good weekend?

I don't use bottles, but I will, after seeing this gorgeous post of yours. I think they can bring so much interest and color.

Many blessings to this new week!


Luciane at

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I am a huge fan of bottle collections, especially antique bottles. I love the napa style on the stairs but I really have to know how they got the bottom off the bottles???

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I'm in love with vintage bottles...we have several similar to some I see in these images in our store. Great images. It's always nice for people to see how to incorporate the elements, and these are some fabulous rooms. Mona

mary said...

I love the old tinted bottles--pharmacy, seltzer, wine--especially when the colors play off similar colors in the design scheme. thanks. Mary

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

If I didn't have to dust them weekly, I would have these beautiful bottles all over my house! I love the big empty bottles in the Steven Gambrel kitchen (LOVE that kitchen in general!)

The Vintique Object said...

You have a huge fan here. And goodness, these are pretty images.

Here's one of my personal favorites:

P.S Nice styling!


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