Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Influences of Asia

On the menu today are some beautiful spaces with an Asian feel.  I know for some it is a trend that has come and gone, but I spent many years traveling to Asia for my past career and personal trips, so it holds special memories for me.  (Designing with something that has special meaning is always a good design principle, I think.  :))  Even if you're not into Asian design, there are some great vignette ideas here regardless of the accessories that you choose.

I have my own collection of Asian images, but I decided to check out Houzz for some other ideas.  It was kind of funny because some of the pictures really looked (at least to me) like a tacky Asian restaurant!  Yikes. This is definitely one of those things that has to be done well, or not at all. I wouldn't go floor-to-ceiling Asian, but I think a little sprinkling is really exotic and interesting.  These examples do it beautifully.

Portland Home contemporary living room
The black on the shelving is the perfect backdrop, 
it has great symmetry without being boring, and that artwork is so haunting!

Sylvia Martin asian living room
Sylvia Martin
That killer table makes such a great statement piece.
Robert Passal
The scroll sets a serious, masculine, upscale mood...

via Eclectic Revisited Blog
I love the mix of elements in this room from Maureen's blog.
The room is a whole mix of cultures, actually, but the
touches of Asian via the blue and white ginger jars and a few other items are fantastic.

Lonny Magazine
I have a client who has a lot of items from Singapore and Japan,
and these pictures are the inspiration for her future living room.
She has great pieces to work with so the staging part will be very, very fun.

Kay Douglass
So serene.  I think I'd add a bit of color, but I'm not one to challenge Kay Douglass!

via Lonny Magazine

Martha Stewart
I thought the little temple in the center was kind of cool,
but this is a good example where this has to be done right to make it look good. 
I'm not sure I would attempt it actually, but I think it looks great here...

That wallpaper and the pillows play off of each other so beautifully!

Living room eclectic living room
A funky tablescape with all kinds of fun stuff...

Bridge Design Studio asian dining room
Diane Bennett Bedford
Of course that cabinet is quite a piece of furniture,
but check out the table base too - pretty cool.

Pacific Heights Residence
I included this room because of the side's an Indonesian Drum. 
I could use this in a lot of places:  of course the living room, but also as a bedside table, a few used as stools gathered around a casual table or even in a bathroom. 
OK now that I wrote all of that I really want one.  Christmas List?

Pierce and Company
The mix of Asian with the modern table and abstract art
provide a really surprising, fresh combination.

via Gallery No. 8
A fortune cookie sized portion of Asian decorating!
Speaking of fortune cookies, I thought this charm was pretty fun - you can find it here.

So what do you think?  Are you ready for some Chinese takeout??


quintessence said...

Lovely examples - it's always better when the reference is authentic and subtle!!

Luciane at said...

Zen is the word for this post!

Asian decor can bring so much peacefulness to any ambient. I love that!

Hope you're having a great day, Barbara.


Luciane at

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post..and yes, I love a Asian accents in a home..especially if they are items one has picked up on their travels..but since many can't do that then finding pieces that have an authentic look and feel are essential to pulling off the look the fortune cookie pretty...

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I also have a touch of Asian accents in my living room. I think you could add a little to any decor.

Stacy CUrran said...

Barbara, the blue paintings over the entry table are stunning! My favorite part of this post. I don't know a lot of Asian design, and I was happy to learn more here!

mary said...

The room in the 4th photos was designed by my friend Michelle Nussbaumer. She is a master at creating environments with the perfect mix of Asian, Middle Eastern, Antique and modern elements. Great Post. Thanks. Mary

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I have never been a huge fan of Asian style, but you might have changed my mind with these images! The Asian elements are subtle and beautiful. Yes, I could live with these. x Sharon

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Wow! You have knocked it out of the park with these examples! I think Asian style is the most versatile and timeless style. The first pic is my favourite! I love the balanced bookcases!


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