Thursday, September 8, 2011

Neutrals: What Makes Them Pop?

Neutrals are growing on me more and more these days...  I have taken a look at some of my favorite examples and highlighted what I think makes them amazing (and not a bit boring!). 

See what you think:

Elle Decor

That couch. Those chairs. That coffee table.
The sculpture for dimension and black to anchor the look.
I'll take the whole room, please.  And maybe the whole apartment, from the looks of it...

Of course the sketches caught my eye! 

Something that really helps pull off a neutral room:  amazing floors and windows. 

New England Home Magazine via Home Bunch
The textures in this room are so impressive.
I'm loving the nail head trim, grasscloth wallpaper and, surprisingly, that peacock! 
Or is it a turkey?  Oh, my. 

via Effortless Style Blog
 More sketches and overall great art. 
Oh and sweet, lazy Labs always pull on my heart strings!  I guess that has nothing to do with the design but I do think there is something so homey about having a sweet dog curled up by the fire... 
(I'm ignoring the dog hair factor for now)

Santa Barbara Luxury Homes Magazine
Another great element for a neutral room:  a luxurious fireplace. 

El Mueble
The grays thrown in here are brings a velvety texture to the room.

I like the mix of furniture in here - without that it might be blah, but with it:  stunning!

 Greenery helps too...these images are from my new favorite store!

Frank Pontero
The lighting gives this room real flair!

Glenn Gissler Design contemporary entry
Glenn Gissler Design
Very down to earth but still lovely, and a bit Belgian which I love for its quiet elegance.

Introducing elements of nature are always good. 
For more ideas about twigs and branches you can look here.
Canadian House and Home Princess Margaret Showhouse
This living room from the 2011 Canadian House and Home
showhouse has so many neutral, natural elements inspired by Ralph Lauren. 
I love the triple doors, the fire place, the mirrors, the floors...lots of beautiful ideas.
(Sorry for the big play button in the middle - pictures aren't yet available on their website.)
Click here to view the tour and if you do, don't miss the tour of the study too!

What do you think of these rooms? 
If you like them, what elements do you think makes them beautiful instead of boring?


lisaroy said...

I love neutral rooms and these are all stunning. I think the trick is to not only combine textures and various tones of neutrals, but interesting furniture shapes and details. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree completely...I've been drawn more and more towards neutral colors because the furnishings and lines are so interesting and they stand out better with neutrals...
gorgeous images..

The enchanted home said...

Love these! Always been a big fan of neutral spaces so you don't have to twist my arm! I have always loved that Frank Pontero room...gorgeous each and every one!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love these...great dining room. I think the textures and antiques are what make these room so appealing.
Loved your interview at The Enchanted home.

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

There is nothing bland about any of these rooms. The textures, artwork or eclectic furniture combinations keep them interesting. I also think they stand the test of time better than more colourful interiors. These are lovely examples. x Sharon

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Ohh I'm a huge one for neutrals.. but only when they are done right! I agree that variation on tone and texture is key, but also there must me contrasting elements like white and black/or dark brown. LOVE the Thibaut room, the scale is so awesome!!

xoxx Linda :-)

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Having been falling even MORE in love with "neutrals" for a time now, I enjoyed this alot...

*** A few thoughts: (1) The uber charming FIRST PIC w/ the fabulous "daybed" (for want of a better word) looks so gracious, B*U*T can, in reality, only REEEEALLY seat one person comfortably... the very "dip" in the front that contributes to SO much of its charm, ALSO takes up too much space for ample leg room, don'tjathink?

(2) I'm ADORING Pontero's DR~~~ such a happy place, w/ truly fabulous light, etc~~~ BUUUT in all honesty, sitting at a backless chair to dine is QUITE uncomfy... at least for many... What's your take on this?

Anyhoooo, yummy pics~ MANY THANKS as always!!!

Linda in AZ *

Stacy CUrran said...

These are all gorgeous. I think dark floors and some black tables or other touches helps ground it. i also love the pop of yellow in some of them

Greet Lefèvre said...

I do think that we have a lot of things in commun!!!!
Beautiful post!


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