Saturday, September 10, 2011


With Fall coming on and putting me in the mood for rustic decor, who doesn't crave a nice warm fire to take the edge off?   Here are a few of my favorite fireplaces, and a samping of fireplace screens from Horchow, that I think are stunning... 

Madeline Stuart
That high ceiling creates such a dramatic opportunity for that soaring fireplace!
I would need to add a mantel though, so I had some display space to play around with...

Horchow Golden Circles
Chris Barrett
Gorgeous columns add a unique, elegant twist.


To me this is the classic fireplace form and that chevron detailing is great, too.

Horchow Pyra

Gary Friedman's Home via Enchanted Home Blog
This one is pretty awesome with the fireplace storage and display space.


via Quintessence Blog
Such beautiful, delicate detailing!

Horchow Fretwork Lines
Chris Barrett
This one is similar to the Madeline Stuart room already shown, but it demonstrates that even without the incredibly high ceilings it still looks great. 
I really love the feel of this whole room - I think it's just gorgeous!  Notice the similar fireplace outside too - not bad.

Traditional Home
This is such a simple, lovely way to dress up a fireplace for the warm weather months.


The enchanted home said...

Hey Barbara, these are all quite fabulous. I am a big fan of Horchow and have gotten my share of goodies there and when they have their pink sale, dare I say there are actually "bargains"!!! Loved this...

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm ready for firelight..and it's been cold enough some mornings here in the North Country that I've started a the firescreens...very cool designs..
and very inspiring decors too..
love the one with the little bit of turquoise showing from the sofa, the fireplace is perfection!!

MS Design Maven Marilyn Storey said...

Friday night football . . . a nip in the air . . . bonfires . . . lovely logs . . . fireplaces . . .
firescreens . . . mantles I woke up thinking about mantles this morning. Then I saw your post! Thank you, Barbara!

lisaroy said...

what a great round-up of fireplaces! nothing says cozy (or romantic) like a fireplace :)

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I wish it would get cold her. It has been in the 80s. I am ready for sweaters and soup. Hot chocolate sounds good to.. It would be nice to sit in that room designed by Chris Barett with the fire on and a good book. since it is so hot here, I will be barefoot and in shorts!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Barbara, So many lovely images today. I particularly like that fabulous living room dressed in white with the wonderful bookshelves and the cozy built-in nook. Hugs to you. Mona

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

These are all so pretty, I'm dying over the fretwork screen. How I wish I had a fireplace. Hope you had a great Weekend Barbara!

xox Linda

under spanish moss said...

Barbara, we can't wait to sit by the fire and spend time with our families. Just seems like a fire on a chilly night brings everyone together. Love the unique fire place screens.

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Oh I wish I had a lovely fireplace to curl up in front of! I also really love the fretwork screen!

Sabina said...


I’m contacting you in reference to the image of the mantle piece with a sculpture bust on top and the wooden paneling on the background. I’m afraid that this image has copyrights and need permission to use this image, as it seems this has been taken from our website without our authorization. Could we please kindly ask you to remove it from your blog?

Thank you and all the best.


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