Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Al Fresco Sunday and a Thank You!

I just love this shot of what looks to me like the perfectly simple outdoor space:

{Brown Designs, Inc.}
 I think I could use this terrace quite nicely for dining al fresco every meal, but especially on Sundays when things go a bit slower:
  • Start the day with extended family enjoying fresh squeezed orange juice, artisan bread, home made preserves and a warm summer breeze.
  • Have a great salad and some iced tea for lunch with some great girlfriends (you know who you are) and lots of laughs.
  • Have a romantic grilled dinner by candle light with my husband as the sun sets, to close the weekend on a good note.
  • (Not to mention the potential for a great cocktail party to enjoy the view...)
Perfection, right?

On a different topic, but something that made my Sunday great:

I was so surprised to discover this afternoon that Maureen from Eclectic Revisited had written about me on her blog today! I was very touched that she thought to write about my blog and had so many nice things to say! If you aren't already enjoying Maureen's blog, head on over there to check it out. She not only posts great design ideas but also offers some very thought-provoking commentary. It's one of my daily reads!

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday (if it's not already over in your part of the world!)
and a great start to the week. 
Especially you Maureen - thanks again!!!  :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
it's always a pleasure reading your blog...
and I am so ready to be dining al fresco too...
beautiful balcony....

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

What a lovely terrace, talk about perfect view! And congrats on the writeup, I will stop by Maureen's blog and read it right away =)

xo Linda

The enchanted home said...

You and I could be great friends....what time should I be over for dinner? I love your idea for a Sunday and that it starts with breakfast on the terrace and ends with dinner on the terrace!! Fantastic day and picture perfect it would be on that gorgeous terrace. Congrats on the writeup, its always so flattering for someone to recognize what you do! Have a wonderful Sunday......

Viera said...

it is beautiful spot
hope you had a lovely weekend.


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