Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tisch: Part I

A quick language lesson for today:  Tisch is the German word for table. 
Just in case you ever need to know.  :)
Anyway...I LOVE Tablescapes, so I have amassed quite a collection of images so far.
The following are a few of my favorites...check back tomorrow for more!

{Courtney Giles}

{Jeneration Interiors}

{Brown Designs}

{Ralph Lauren}

{marco meneguzzi}

{Colour Me Happy Blog}

{David Jiminez}


Anonymous said...

tablescapes are my favorite...and there really is an art to setting them up so perfectly...(that I have definitely not mastered yet...)
...inspiring images...

designchic said...

Gorgeous tablescapes...especially love the jeneration interiors image!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

Mona Thompson said...

Love all the tablescapes. One of my very favorite things to do. Am particularly fond of layeringmirrors and art as in some of these images.


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