Friday, March 25, 2011

Beautiful Backsplashes!

Julie over at the wonderful blog Milk and Honey Home posted a great write-up recently about backsplashes.  As I was perusing my collection of images, I came across quite a few that I thought would be worth sharing.  This is just a small grouping of course, but I tried to include a little bit of a lot of styles.  Take a look:

{Cooking Light}
I love this arch over the range...hoping to do this in the dream house kitchen!

 This is a timeless look and I love the way the tiles add a bit of sparkle.

{Covetable Designs}
 This is my all-time favorite backsplash from the very talented Kristin at Covetable DesignsShe combined tiles set in a herringbone design surrounding a French metal fireback.  I have been scouring our flea markets here to find one of my own!

{William Hefner via Marcus Designs Blog}
 Another one with really nice sparkle...

I submitted this one for Julie's follow up post because I love this classic look for a kitchen!  The island is pretty stunning, too.

I don't know that I would pick turquoise for a backsplash, but I do love the look of this size and setting of the tiles...if you'd like to see more about turquoise click here.
{Michael Graydon via Satisfying Spaces}
Stainless steel is such a practical solution since it can be wiped perfectly clean and has a nice edge to it.

{via Enchanted Home Blog}
Here's a great idea that a friend of mine in Portland did for
her backsplash similar to the look above: 
She and her husband spent a very special trip in France shortly before buiding their home.  To remember a certain castle they had seen on the trip, they had an artist design custom tiles to make into a backsplash in their kitchen. 
It has to be done well but when it is, it can be very meaningful!

What are your favorite backsplashes?


Anonymous said...

I really like the turquoise backsplash...adds a little bit of freshness to the kitchen...beautiful collection of images...

Viera said...

they a such an important feature

Charles Nijman said...

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