Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The weather here in Munich has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days.  Even if you aren't a gardener, you can't help but be motivated by great weather to plant something!  Yesterday I planted my herb garden and it got me (re-)thinking about how much I love urns and herbs - they are such a beautiful combination.  One of my very first posts was about urns - take a look here if you'd like to see more!  

The most stunning arrangement I have ever seen was at a great wine bar called Noble Rot in Portland long ago. It was HUGE and entirely made up of smelled divine. I'd love to try to re-create it at some point - I wish I had taken a picture! 

Here are a few photos along those lines...

This would make a great display in an old container of any kind - love the counter surface too.  I picked up an old Chinese wooden rice gathering basket at a flea market that would be perfect for this look.

This classic kitchen gets a breath of fresh air from all of these herbs,
artichokes and the mini-lemon tree.  I love it!

Photo by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
This was at a beautiful market in France that sold everything including linens, fresh produce, baskets, you name it.  I bought some tea towels that I hang on my oven door and a few other nice things, but my favorite stand was this one with herbs of every kind in earthy, simple pots. 

I love these adorable herb markers from HomeSpun Sprout on etsy.
I'm thinking of getting these for my sister for her birthday because her yard is completely edible and organic.  I think she'd love these!

Photo by Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
I took a photo of this urn with thyme at a gorgeous antiques store in Provence last Summer. I like the idea of a whole collection of urns with herbs spilling out of them, right outside my kitchen...ready to be picked for dinner tonight!

{Graham and Green via Coco Male Blog}

What are you planting right now, and where?


Mona Thompson said...

Love all the herbs in the simple pots in France. So authentic.

Anonymous said...

love fresh herbs though it's been a while since I've had an herb garden...I miss it..thanks for the great inspiration...

Kimberly Moore said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it so much. Your blog is full of so many good ideas. I have been wanting to try my hand at planting an herb garden. Having fresh greenery around the house makes such a difference. Thanks for the post!

Oh, and Munich is absolutely beautiful - how lucky you are to live there!

KSK said...

I have to recreate the topiary in that last photo! Those turquoise pots are amazing!


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