Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When the weather first starts to hint at Spring, I head out into my yard and pick some branches to force some blooms.  I love to force Spring to come a bit early this way.  It's so easy, costs nothing at all, and brings Spring right into the forefront!  My favorite is forsythia (my Mom always does this so it reminds me of her :)) but I also discovered in our yard here in Munich how beautiful quince blooms can be.  They resemble cherry blossoms so they are stunning, but without the allergies!

Here are some beautiful examples.  Notice how pretty they are not only in a living room, but also kitchens, bedrooms, entries, etc.  I have some on my dining room table right now surrounded by a few items in fresh spring colors...

{Covetable Designs}

{Dominique Vermillon via Design Chic}

{Belle Vivre Blog}

{Polished Pebble Blog}

{Pottery Barn}

{Kay Douglass}

{Apartment Therapy}

{Apartment Therapy}

 How do you bring Spring into your spaces?

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Anonymous said...

love bringing a little bit of spring into the home...I have more forsythia around so that's usually what I use...wish I had quince but it's too cold here for it....beautiful images...


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