Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fairytale Friday

As the parents of a "princess" and a "knight", we have seen many castles during our time here in Europe.  Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to post a few of our favorites...

Castle Chillon, Switzerland.  A stunning castle set on Lake Geneva
with an awesome treasure hunt for the kids!
(I couldn't get a great shot of this from the lake side so that is why this isn't my own)

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg
This castle stands atop a tiny little mountain,
surrounded by a deep valley and river - well protected!!
We visited during a medieval festival and had a fantastic time chasing dragons.

Burg Eltz, Germany
This castle has been in the same family for over 800 years 
and has never been conquered.  Now that's impressive!

Cochem Castle, Germany
This beautiful castle overlooks the Mosel River in western Germany.
It is surrounded by vineyards climbing the steep hillsides that rise up
from both sides of the river.

Carcassone Castle, France
This castle is in the southwestern corner of France, near Toulouse.  It is very touristy, but still great!  This picture doesn't capture how big it is - it's actually a small walled city with a castle within.  We had a fabulous time walking around the streets that used to bustle with merchant activity in support of the royalty who lived here.


And finally, a castle that we haven't visited but I think looks really intriguing.
This is Grad Predjama Castle in Slovenia. Maybe we'll get there before we go!

What is your favorite castle that you have been to, or dream of going to?


The enchanted home said...

Wow Barbara, dreamy and fairytale like..why is it everything in Europe is that much more beautiful? I hate to say it but realized when we were in France last month, I mean literally at every turn, my jaw was dropping over something, its literally in everything they do. These castles prove my point that its this way pretty much throughout most of Europe....just fabulous and dreamy.....have a great day!

Animal Print Gal said...

Oh how dreamy indeed! My favorite is a Venetian castle in Rhodes, Greece. I have great memories there...


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