Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Croatian Loveliness

We were briefly in Croatia last year and the architecture in Dubrovnik really knocked my socks off.  I thought I'd pass a few images along:

This is a close up of a beautiful column.  I think it will get framed eventually.
I know pictures like this have been mass produced, but
mine is the real deal, so I love it. 
Ideally I'd make this part of a grouping with some charcoal sketches and an antiqued mirror, all leaning against one another on a mantel.  I'd add some type of a funky colored vase to add an unexpected punch of color.

The Venetian influences from across the water come through loud and clear.

Notice the guy banging on the bell.  I love the touch of humor.

Stunning waterways are always inspiring.  My husband and I sat here and had one of the local beers while watching the kayakers go by in the distance.

So quaint.

I think this ironwork design is worth repeating, either on an indoor or outdoor railing.

Yep, that's a balcony way up there.  It screams Romeo and Juliet to me, even though we were in the wrong country for that.

More gorgeous columns.  I think the dream house is going to have to have a column.
 That is, if I can convince my (usually open-minded) husband that a room is not complete without one.  I don't think that is going to be any easy sell. 
Any tips out there on how to pull that off?!?

Not practical, but I still like it.  Although maybe for a fountain...

The first pharmacy in Europe, and they did it right!

A beautiful fresco.

An old aerial city map - you can see how the walls contained the city. 
This would make a good souvenir but I don't think it was for sale.  :)

I hope you enjoyed our quick trip together!


Pudel-design said...

Das sieht wirklich toll aus Barbara;)
Es freut mich, dass du meinen Blog gefunden hast, leider kenn ich nicht so viele Deutsche Blogs, obwohl ich von hier aus schreibe und auch noch in deutsch;)
Deswegen freut es mich sehr dich zu meinen Deutschsprachigen Bloggern dazu zählen zu dürfen.
Komm doch öfter vorbei;)

Ganz viele Liebe Grüße...

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous...and your pics will be lovely when framed and hung on the all the white stone's simply amazing how gorgeous it is...


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