Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paris: Discovering a Klimt-Inspired Artist

A few years ago I met two friends in Paris for a long weekend. Since all of us had been to Paris before (lucky girls!) and we all loved to shop, we agreed to primarily spend our time at the world-famous flea markets. I loved the markets there, but I am still partial to our local flea market that I raved about here.  More on the Paris markets another time...

We stayed on the Ile de la Cité very close to Notre Dame. While there we stepped into a gallery and I was totally taken by the work of an artist named Richard Burlet. The gallery owner explained that the artist is heavily influence by the work of Klimt, whom I also adore, so it made sense that I would be drawn to his paintings.

To me all of these creations are simultaneously mysterious, aristocratic, earthy, abstract...and more. I know that a room's decor doesn't have to match the artwork, but I think I could build whole rooms around these beautiful combinations of colors!

Here are a few examples of his work.

Some of his work reminds me of the art in Michelle Smith's (Milly) NYC living room,
shown here courtesy of Elle Decor:

Do you like his work as much as I do?

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Madison Moore said...

Great artist! Thanks so much for informing me about him.


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