Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just Cool

Hi Everyone!  I'm back from a few days of family time for Christmas...I'm still going at a slow pace - I think I could get used to that. :)  I hope your celebrations, regardless of what/how you celebrate, were wonderful!  

Today I bring you a few images I have come across on Pinterest that I think are just plain cool, beautiful or something else.  I thought you all might enjoy these for a change of pace:

Pinned Image
A clever use of space!

Pinned Image
Beautiful - love the marbling.

Pinned Image
So unique.

Pinned Image
Have you seen the movie Anonymous about Shakespeare? 
I mentioned seeing it in a previous post - it was a good flick.

Pinned Image
Wouldn't this be a nice suprise gift on New Year's morning?

Pinned Image
All of the literary greats from the UK.

Pinned Image
Chalkboard paint on wine bottles - ideal for a wine tasting party.

Pinned Image
Positively dreamy...

Enjoy your day!

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Thoughts on Design said...

Great fireplace! Someone had a very good stone mason! Interesting place for a wine cellar - especially if it's in the foyer... (Can't quite tell.)

It's a "slow" week here, too. Translation: With few client phone calls, Sally and I are cleaning the office, updating computers, oganizing the library...

We are finding time to squeezing in the occasional nap...


The enchanted home said...

Hi Barbara...so happy to hear your holidays were great!! Ours were too but I am frankly kind of glad they are over, family left this morning, spent the morning cleaning up/reorganizing and now taking a "me time" break (much deserved)Normally we go away right after Christmas so it feels strange being home but actually feels really nice and quite relaxing!
Some interesting pictures above, love that gorgeous New Years day basket..would love to get that our everyday sayings wouldn't be the same without the influences of Shakespeare!
Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

Anonymous said...

fabulous ideas..love the chalk board paint bottles-really cool! and love the lounge chairs in the pool-my kind of sunning...

The Vintique Object said...

Funny about the Shakespeare quotes, I was arguing with both my husband AND my father tonight that using "a woman scorned" was not particularly PC these days. Hell hath no fury...

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Greetings, Barbara! I saved the Shakespeare quotes we still use today. It really just amazes me! I, like Tina, am glad my house guests will be gone tomorrow. No matter how much you love your children and their spouse/significant bud, after almost two weeks, you need a break! I'm looking forward to "normal"! So happy to hear you had a nice Christmas!
Cheers, Barbara

Victoria said...

Some unique images, Barbara. The Shakespeare quotes were a surprise. I would love to enjoy the space in the last image right now, but I am still enjoying the company of my family. Don't misunderstand, I am loving it. There will be plenty of time to clean and relax after they go home, but never enough time to spend with them. Have a happy New Year.
All the best...Victoria


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