Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Idea Of Perfection: Master Bedroom

Today I thought I'd share my ideas for my perfect master bedroom, aka a pampering retreat.  With the following elements, I can see myself snuggling up under the covers, reading a great book, with a warm fire and an Oregon rain storm raging cozy!

via Home Bunch
I'd choose a softer waxed tone for the beams to soften it a bit, but overall I love the feel and layout of this beautiful room.  I like it when a bedroom is small enough so that it remains intimate, yet roomy enough for a sitting area...   

QUESTION:  I haven't decided yet what to do about the TV - over the fireplace or not?  We love to watch movies in bed with the kids sometimes, so although it's not exactly kosher we need a TV in the bedroom...:)  
What would you do?

Required:  extra large windows to enjoy the view of all of
those gorgeous Oregon evergreens.

via Love This Life Blog, Gail Plachety
I would choose a couple of down-cushioned beautiful chairs in a gorgeous finish such as these, to flank a roaring fire in the winter and overlook the view in Summer.

An upholstered linen headboard with nailhead in the top left picture, along with any of these bedding combinations!  They have a similar feel, I think, and have a lot of aspects of the neutrals with golds style that I blogged about here.  I love it when I put together my latest faves and they harmonize - that tells me something and makes the decisions easier!

I'd find the perfect spot for this...maybe centered over the headboard.

I'd definitely want non-matching bedside tables:

Noir Furniture

A feminine little piece for me...

Noir Furniture

A masculine version for my husband with lots of storage for
all of his reading materials!
Matthew Studios

A couple of great lamps next to the bedside...

Some beautiful boxes to organize little tid-bits.

via Griege
To finish it off, some beautiful abstract art in soothing colors that
evokes thoughts of the sea...

I think it would work quite well with my idea of perfection in the master bath.

What do you need in your dream master bedroom?
I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, ideas & feedback!


Stacy CUrran said...

We watch tv with the kids in bed, too, and it is such an important part of our family time. We rent movies and snuggle up together. We do in in our room in part because our family room is ok for tv, but not for snuggling. I figure my ten year old has only a little time that he'll still want to do this, so I milk it for all I can. I would never put tvs in the kids rooms, so it makes it even more special for them. So, I guess to answer your question, I would put the tv where ever it is most comfy for watching tv with the kids. And over the fireplace in the bedroom, who is going to see it anyway? I'd totally do it!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous ideas for a beautiful master bedroom.. and so wonderful that your kids are still young that you can snuggle with them and watch films... enjoy every moment of it that you can!!.. love the idea of large windows especially...
beautiful decorating..

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a lovely bedroom and I agree with you on lightening the beams. I would put the TV over the fireplace, why not, if it works for your family - that's what counts! x Sharon

under spanish moss said...

I love all of the elements you have choosen. We love to watch television in bed; but I don't like to see a television in the room when it's not being used. I bought some small antique doors from France and used them over the fireplace to hide the television.
The cabinet maker recessed the cabinet for the televison over the fireplace and used the antique doors on the front. It works out well!

Luciane at said...

Hello Barbara!

I'm so glad you liked that picture! Thank you for mentioning "HomeBunch". :-)

I also love that master bedroom. It has such a strong personality and it feels romantic at the same time. TV? I had no tv in my bedroom for a long time, my husband missed so much and I had to give in. Guess what? I love it now! We also watch tv with the kids there (lazy sundays). I put our on a console.


Luciane at

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I could cuddle up with a good design book in this master bedroom to. I love the soft colors. So glade I found your blog.


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